Urban Survival Syndrome and Affluenza Defenses

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Urban Survival Syndrome and Affluenza Defenses The Urban Survival Syndrome is a form of defense used in the American jurisprudence to justify or excuse the defendant’s act of crime. Individuals residing in crime-prone places tend to have an attitude of “kill o be killed” due to the resultant and constant fear of risk (Rosner 2012). This fear makes these residents feel there is no another alternative to safeguarding themselves from violence or crime than through murdering those who harass or intimidate them. This form of mentality results from extended livelihood in crime-prone or violent neighborhoods, mostly urban areas (Rosner 2012). Affluenza theory s a defense mechanism used to justify or excuse a defendant’s act of crime. The theory argues that an individual’s from wealthy and highly privileged upbringing sometimes tend to have difficulties in differentiating what is wrong or right because of their background nature. Also, Dart (2014) indicates that persons with this syndrome tend not to understand the consequences of their acts due to their economic privileges. Daimion Osby and Ethan Couch’s Cases The Urban Survival Syndrome defense was unsuccessfully used in Daimion Osby’s case in 1993. Daimion Osby, an 18-year-old African-American man, was accused of capital murder for taking the lives of two unarmed males who during shooting, were being held by Osby’s friends. Osby confessed to killing both victims but claimed it was in self-defense (Find Law n.d). Osby claimed that the victims had repeatedly threatened him and his action was due to fear that they might have killed him. Osby’s attorney used the Urban Survival Syndrome suggesting the Osby’s

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