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Labor Unions Student’s Name Institution 1) In today's environment, please tell us why you think employees join unions. I think employees should join unions to help them in jointly bargaining pay and other working conditions. Unions help a great deal in negotiating pensions or campaigning against a government's change of collective bargaining agreements. Unions also have rights that provide health insurance at work. Employees will even get free legal advice and representation when unfair dismissals or discrimination at workplace affects them. When one gets membership of a union such as Prospect, employees enjoy personal injury schemes and other useful membership services such as a fulltime helpline. Moreover, employees should join unions for equality (Coates, 2012). Unions advocate for equal treatment, fair, distribution of resources and opportunities in the workplace. 2) What is the NLRB and what do they do? National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is an independent group that aims at ensuring that the private sector upholds the rights of workers. It was formed in 1935. Its initial role was to provide oversight on the National Labor Relations Act. The board had to ensure that the act was implemented to improve the working conditions of workers, whether they were in a union or not. NLRB primary functions are to make critical decisions on petitions filed by employees on collective bargaining agreement. Doing away with unfair labor principles by unions and holding elections for representation of businesses by trade unions can aid in reducing or eradicating employee discrimination. The NLRB comprises of five members and the general counsel who are appointed

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