Understanding the poem For the Fallen

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Understanding the poem For the Fallen The poem, “For the Fallen” by Robert Binyon is emotionally laden and touching when one reads it. Reading the poem, I felt the loss one would feel after losing a loved one. When he say that the fallen soldiers will not grow old anymore, and they will not share and laugh with colleagues any longer, one gets the feeling of loss through death as was noted by greatwar.co.uk. When he makes a statement that they will not be seated at their usual tables at home with their families, one pictures the true meaning that the loved ones would feel after the loss of the gallant soldiers fighting for the sake of the nation. It is a heavily laden poem that invokes the mourning feeling on the reader. On the contrary, the overall tone of the poem is that of respect to the fallen compatriots, and the topic is about remembering them. He remembers the soldier with pride. Binyon lets the readers share on the victory of the fallen soldiers as illustrated by greatwar.co.uk. Though they are fallen, it is possible that they have left great significance on the hearts of the people who remains behind. The structure The poem takes the form of a normal poem that is organized into stanzas and lines. The poem has seven stanzas, each communicating a different information. Right from the first stanza to the last one, the poet carried the reader along the developments following the death of the soldiers of the country in war. Each of the stanzas has four lines that make the poem essay to speak out, recite or to analyze. Within the poem, the poet uses alliteration, the repetition f syllables to create meaning. Moreover, the people uses symbolism and allusions in

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