Understanding Menu Psychology: An Empirical Investigation of Menu Design and Consumer response

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The article explored the topic, “Understanding Menu Psychology: An Empirical Investigation of Menu Design and Consumer response.” It was presented by Dennis Reynolds, Edward A. Merritt, and Sarah Pinckney who participated in the various areas of the research to ensure that sufficient data was collected and analyzed correctly. The researchers wanted to find out the effect of a particular menu design conventions on the response of consumers. Hence, the biographers conjectured that deemphasizing menu item rates would upsurge normal check totals, and boxing an item would increase a client’s tendency to choose a particular item. Therefore, this implies that the study was premeditated to assess buying choices ostensibly encompassing positioning of items, eye movement, and the appearance of merchandises. Data Collection Data collection was based on Rhapsody restaurant in Northeastern University. The target customers of the restaurant were students who had preferred taking dinner at that place. The experiment employed three menu designs under the following categories. The original menu that acted as a control experiment, and a second menu that deemphasized prices by positioning them next to the description of the item in the same size, and a particular type of font as the depiction. On the same note, a third menu in which prices were not changed, but comprised of two listed items with boxes around them. The selection of the two items was based on the box treatment on the contribution margin and the dominant position on the menu. One piece was set on the left page under the middle of the page, and the other was positioned on the right page overhead the center. The study was

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