Uncertainty Reduction Theory

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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: The Uncertainty Reduction Theory This paper focuses on Charles Berger’s Uncertainty Reduction Theory. The paper covers various components of the theory and through a personal experience, the application of the theory is demonstrated. The paper also explores both the weak and strong points of the theory. The uncertainty reduction theory is an important theory in communication. Charles Berger is a professor in the field of communications at the University of California. He developed the uncertainty reduction in 1975. The theory proposes that at the beginning of personal relationships, there are high levels of uncertainties. Therefore, individuals use communication to create understanding, gain knowledge and reduce the uncertainty. Berger assumes that reducing uncertainty or being able to predict the behaviors of others is the main concern for first-time interactions. Newly acquainted individuals aim to reduce uncertainty about their behavior and traits. According to Berger, the drive to reduce this uncertainty is brought by three factors; to understand weird behavior, to anticipate future interaction and for incentive value. Berger further suggests that for all social interactions, the main purpose of communicating or talking is to satisfy our natural curiosity. Berger also connects predictability to uncertainty; as predictability among new acquaintances increases then uncertainty reduces. Berger categorizes uncertainty into two; behavioral uncertainty and cognitive uncertainty. Behavioral uncertainty is concerned with how an individual acts while cognitive uncertainty is concerned with an individual’s unique

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