Ultimately, who is responsible for condemning the guilty

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Name Professor Title Date Condemning the Guilty Guilt is that state of an ethical agent which up shots from his or her willful or intended commission of wrongdoing or felony, understanding that is a crime or desecration of law. In the spiritual context, a person feels guilt if he or she doesn’t adhere to the law or doesn’t do things right. When a person possesses this guilt, he or she feels the necessity of paying for it. This state and feel to pay for the guilt is referred to as condemnation. However, when a person does what society perceives as evil or a crime, he or she is condemned. The courts are developed to give judgment to people who do wrong using the established laws and procedures. The condemnation by institutions or people may be biased, and therefore, ultimately, the person who feels guilty is responsible for condemning it. If a person does something wrong and doesn’t receive clemency, then that person is guilty. Condemning the act, keeps the person in a state of guilt and that may take a long time to him or her. Anyone who has not received forgiveness is always guilty of everything. This is why a person will always say, I feel guilt or I don’t know why I feel awful. This indicates the presence of guilt in that person. However, this is not the way people should live, when Jesus was crucified, Guilt was also crucified. Jesus became guilty for humans forever. Therefore, people can only end guilt by accepting the martyr Jesus made. Without receiving Jesus Christ, a person cannot get free from condemnation and guilt. Therefore, if a guilty person doesn’t take a step to receive forgiveness, he or she faces condemnation. Thus the

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