UAE based company internal analysis ( Al foah dates company)

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Improving the Service Delivery at Al Foah Dates Company Name: Institutional affiliations: Introduction The organizational structure at the Al Foah Dates Company is an important aspect of its operations and product delivery to the customers. The company has a hierarchical management structure with functional departmentalization of functions. Some of the departments that the company has maintained over its life cycle include the human resource departments, the finance departments, and the marketing department. Moreover, the company has also created the production department that has the product research and development functions. This section of the research projects looks into the cultural set up of the organization regarding the management values and structures; the challenges encountered through the structure, and the paper goes ahead to propose an alternative structure that the company can use to develop a more actionable service delivery. Areas of Management The Al Foah Dates Company has various departmental duties within its structure. Traditionally, functional structuring of organizations would have many employees with similar skills hired and given job roles in a given department (Schein, 2010). For instance, it is always possible to find people in the finance department to have educational and qualification backgrounds in finance. The human resource department at Al Foah Dates Company, as well as the production or the marketing departments, would have people who have educational qualifications relevant to the departments. Traditionally, this was important in the development of a common pool of workers who could share ideas and sharpen their

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