Two Unmarried seniors living together

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Two Unmarried seniors living together Student’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: Morals are the principles that govern our actions, behavior, and how we perceive whether what we are doing is right or wrong. Cohabiting is a complex topic because more couples over the years have disregarded marriage and chosen to live together, yet religious teachings and morals are against this practice. The rates of divorced or widowed senior couples who opt to cohabit with their newfound love are also on the rise. This essay analyzes the trends in cohabiting, the reasons why older couples are cohabiting and the moral issues revolving around the matter of cohabiting.According to an article in the New York Times, in 2010 about 2.8 million people above 50 years were cohabiting (Luxenberg, 2014). The cohabiting relationship of Sara and Ben is immoral because by cohabiting they are hurting their children who disapprove of their living arrangement as some of them have even refused to communicate with or visit them. Traditional societal beliefs consider cohabiting morally wrong because it promotes infidelity, divorce rates, and a lack of commitment between couples. The increasing number of single parents in our society due to the separation of cohabiting couples is a good example of the adverse effects that are associated with cohabiting. By not committing themselves to each other in marriage while having a sexual relationship, Sara and Ben are living in sin. Most of our moral values and beliefs are obtained from a religious background. In most religions, fornication is considered morally incorrect. While Sara and Ben are happy with their relationship, they are going against the moral

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