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Twitter Follow Up Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Date World Health Organization Seasonal influenza: Certain viruses cause the influenza illness. These infections are known as 'influenza virus' is capable of spreading from one person to another. The symptoms of flu include a headache, sudden high fever, muscle pain, cough and sore throat ("Influenza (Seasonal)", 2018). When you recognize you have the influenza symptoms, you should do the following: cover your mouth cough, ensure you wash your hands frequently, good spare time for rest, eat nutritious food and drink plenty of water, seek medical advice in case the situation prolongs. The best way to curb the illness is to get the vaccine for flu. It is crucial to remain healthy at all times. Therefore, the information about influenza is useful to every individual. It is relevant to my career in that it ensures that individuals can take necessary steps to recover from the illness. I will, therefore, share the information with my co-workers widely so that they can assist me in spreading it to all the patients and other members if the society. "Doctors without Borders" The shocking event at Owdai hospital cannot be underestimated. It poses one of the most significant threats that we are facing as medical practitioners currently. In fact, in the incident, five deaths, which included that of a child, and medical staff, were reported ("Doctors w/o Borders (@MSF_USA) on Twitter", 2018). Such kinds of brutality that health care is experiencing in Syria ought to be condemned with passion. The killing is threatening even the humanitarian law, which is an international law, whose aim is to preserve human dignity.

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