TV has a negative impact on children. Do you agree or disagree?

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Name Instructor Course Date Negative Impact of TV on Children Media effects are harder to study in humans. This is because researchers are unwilling to experiment with humans as they do with animals and things. Our ethics, for example, forbid us to find out whether TVs produce negative effects to children by subjecting a child to the same. The effects are thus complex but understanding them is vital for the efficient development of the child. Television is the most used form of media among children. It is easily accessible, cheap and has different programs that catch the children’s interests. However, they result in adverse effects on children. Children engage in the TV programs with their whole mind. However, the response to television depends on the respondent. Every program aired has a unique effect on the child, an issue that is hard to characterize. Children watch TV for two main reasons. The first is to be entertained and the second as a custom. Though, they do not have the ability to differentiate the two. What may have started as an entertainment ends up being a custom. The time spent watching increase as they grow up if not controlled early. Eventually, a child becomes addicted to watching until when they are 12 years. This alters the way they spend their leisure time. For a positive psychological development, a child should have more playing time and engage in critical thinking activities. Using much time watching the TV affects their study and sleep hours, and the time used in developing motor skills. The child may lose track of time, lag in their school and become affected by diseases that result from lack of physical exercises like

Free TV has a negative impact on children. Do you agree or disagree? Essay Sample

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