Turtles all the way down by John Green

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(Name) (Course) (College) (Date) Turtles All the Way Down by John Green ESSAY OUTLINE Introduction There is a massive gap between the financial status of the poor and the rich in the society. However, the rich are more susceptible to making the wrong choice that can destroy their lives and that of their families. Thesis statement: Everyone, whether wealthy or poor, is susceptible to life problems and acquiring wealth tends to blind people from selecting the right choices in life. A wealthy background does not guarantee a life without problems Davis falls a victim of his father lousy reputation Davis father’s powerful status in the society intimidates most of Davis peers Davis uncertain future Wealthy people are on many occasions unable to make right decisions Mr. Pickett does not leave any of his money to his children before he disappears Mr. Pickett wealth makes him spend very little time with his family and children Mr. Pickett’s decision to get involved with criminal activities that made him run away is also another wrong decision. Poor people who suddenly get their hands on a tremendous amount of money tend to be susceptible to making wrong choices Aza saves the money to spend it on college use it seek better education out of state Daisy spends the money on things that will elevate his life to that of Aza Conclusion Green’s outlines the fact that money still does not guarantee one a life without ups and downs. Despite the ability of wealth making one powerful, it blinds one from making right decisions. There is a massive gap between the financial status of the poor and the rich in the society. However, the rich are more

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