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Name Institution Course TutorDate Employee Turnover at Pabst Brewing Company Question 1 There are various reasons for the employee turnover at Pabst Brewing. The new ownership of the firm could have prevented the high number of employee turnover. First, the differences in the executive and the owners’ strategic direction contributed to the huge turnover. The new owners failed to integrate the goals that had been previously set by the executive. The outgoing executive had invested heavily in the research on the firm’s products, but the new ownership failed to recognize it. The profits had soared due to research that had been done on the former brands. Further, the former marketing director confesses to having enjoyed a sense of mission over time but could not any longer. An integration of the strategic directions could have resulted in a better-managed firm. Second, the new ownership failed to deal with the bad public relation that the firm was experiencing. This could have prevented the loose of more executive members. Further, the committed locals had nothing to be proud of when the headquarters were moved from Woodridge, Illinois, near Chicago, to Los Angeles. The public relation also failed further when the members of the executive who had left could not hide their frustrations. The failures were registered across the executive members. The lack of public response from the new ownership about the state of the firm destroyed the public relation of the enterprise. This could be prevented the management amicably solved the rising discontent. The silence propagated the turnover further. Lastly, they failed to integrate with the locals. The locals offered

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