Tuckman’s Theory

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Tuckman’s Theory In 1965, based on a study carried out on team dynamics, Bruce Wayne Tuckman developed four stages theory. “Tuckman's Stages” are based on the assumption that teams develop through stages. He held the belief that teams have to undergo these stages for them to develop to the point of effective functioning and achieve quality outcomes (Fisher, 1999). The image below is an illustration of the four stages. The first stage is forming, which occurs with the meeting between the members of the team. Introductions normally take place at this stage, sharing information on interests, backgrounds and experiences. The second stage is storming, where ideas are floated and a great deal of competition for their acceptance occurs. Basically, opinions differ in terms of what must be done by the team to achieve its objectives. Norming is the third stage which entails the start of proper working of the team. They have accepted to work together and their focus is no longer on the opinions of the members but working towards achieving the common objective of the project. Performing stage is the fourth stage at which point the team is performing at a high level to achieve the common objective. The members of the team have known each other well, there is trust between them and they can depend on one another (Fisher, 1999). Working with Mary Ann Jensen, Tuckman came up with the fifth stage in 1977. The fifth stage, adjourning is the stage where the team is coming to an end and the plans are going their way. At this point the goals of the team have been achieved and the members are celebrating the results of their hard work (Tuckman & Jensen, 1977). References Fisher, K.

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