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Name Professor Course Date The English 101 course assignment The article by the author Dr. Rob Knell address the issues of trophy hunting. Trophy hunting refers to a situation where selected game hunting for human recreation. The report has discussed the main problem on the extinction of the resilient animal population due to changes in the environment. The most animal with mostly secondary sexual traits are the most animals on demand (SE 11). For instance, the removal of the males in their habitat through trophy hunting may result in severe and unintended outcomes. In my view, to end the menace of trophy hunting, the government should reinforce strict rules regarding the poaching of the extinct animals. The government can regulate the ban by setting up laws and guidelines pertaining the trophy hunting to prevent the extinction of the endangered species with the secondary sexual traits. The banning process is very reliable as the government will be in a position to close all the market loops (SE 11). For instance, the government will ensure that there is strict check-up of all the exported products. Secondly, the government can regulate the trophy ban by strictly issuing licenses to the trophy hunters. According to some authors, to minimize the trophy hunting, the game wardens need to change their management approach when it comes to poaching (SE 12 ). Some authors state that change management approach will help to eradicate the old species thus creating enough and conducive environment for the new growing offspring. Goal check up I feel that the first quarter was not only for the many I have endured, but it was a successful one. The primary objective of

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