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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Details Date Trifles Question One The Wright family appears to have had a long-standing problem that only escalated with time. Mrs. Wright found herself in an abusive relationship where her husband never listened to her. In the free world away from marriage, Mrs. Wright had all the freedom, but after marriage, she got gaged in the union (Glaspell). Like nay caged bird, Mrs. Right denied the lady her conjugal rights. The Wrights were husband and wife, and it amounted to a grievous crime to deny Mrs. Wright the right of every married couple. Question Two John Wright is a local farmer who excels at what he does. The local community did consider Mr. Wright to be a good and dutiful person. Mrs. Hale describes Mr. Wright as a hard person to handle. John Wright cared less about his wife's happiness. At times Mr. Wright did reprimand Mrs. Wright not to sing in the house (Glaspell). John had little regard for the opinions of his wife. In the period the play takes place, the place of women in society had no much thought. From the descriptions of Mr. John Wright, it appears that he is a man who is mainly overbearing on his wife. Some analysts may call Mr. Wright a chauvinist who was so into the practice that he never wanted a female voice at his house. John Wright might have been everything else not mentioned or easily decipherable from the play, but he for sure was not loving, understanding, and caring for his wife (Glaspell). Question Three The bird simplifies the life of Mr. Wright. Before marriage as Minnie Foster, Mrs. Wright lived a happy life when compared to what she went through in her marriage. Once a person gets

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