Treasure Hunt on Readability

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Part 1 No matter the size of the classroom, some students have better reading and comprehension skills than others do in their respective class. A teacher must have a general idea of who those students are and provide opportunities for the students to get practice reading complex text. They must also have access to the instructional tools to make improvements to their reading skills. The uses of Fluency instructions also assist students in understanding the text as the author meant it to be (Shanahan, 2011).Teachers must add vocabulary instruction to assist the student with the basic meaning of words with how they appear in the sentence context. They must also teach students about where to pause is necessary and the grouping of words while speaking the sentences aloud and when the raise or lower the voice at the proper time. Readability uses word and sentence complexity. It dissects the word number of syllables and a number of times the word appears in sentences (CCSS. 2010). The length of the sentence is also important. Analyzing words and sentences with a scientific formula and used to predict the level of student understanding assists the teacher in gauging the level of the student. Words that have a single level of meaning are in the informational type of word group. These texts with a single level of meaning are easier to comprehend and register as the level of meaning for a specific word. The intricacy the structure of the text is important. The story line is sequential in order and there is a time management. The script contains a semantic that students recognize as both straightforward and clear or it contains a lot of academic language and words with several

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