Total Quality Management of Takata

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Total Quality Management of Takata Student’s Name Institution’s Name Abstract Takata Corporation began operations in 1933 and has grown to be a multinational company. Takata is located in Japan, a country of other multinationals like Toyota. A company, the age of Takata, should have known better to engage in total quality management for over the eight decades the company has operated. Like most companies, Takata stood by the sides of quality management until a disaster well-choreographed in 1998 came to pass in 2012; the disaster has since forced the corporation to adopt a culture of total quality management. Takata has had to recall the use of its airbags in millions, and this is the largest recall in the history of automobiles. Dropping share value in the market and court cases that take away millions of shillings from Takata are some of the challenges the company has had to deal with since 2014. In this report, the writer looks at the genesis of all the woes that Takata faces currently, how the woes developed, and the recommended action for Takata. Keywords: Takata airbags, total quality management, airbag recall, automobile Background Takata Corporation began its operations in 1933 shifting focus over time from making of woven textiles to assembly and manufacture of seatbelts, airbags, child restraint systems and other automobile safety products. Takata’s vision is ensuring that a society free from automobile fatalities exists. Takata has 46 manufacturing plants in 17 countries with a vision of expanding in production and sales (“Mergent Online., 2016”). Takata recently had the largest airbag recall in history (Plungis, 2016a). Many vehicle

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