Top 10 Reasons School Uniforms Should Be Mandatory

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Anderson explores the ten reasons why students should be allowed to wear uniforms to school. In his assessment, he identifies that a school should never be a fashion show but rather a place where students are taught not only about education but also the general life. He criticizes those who hold the belief that wearing a uniform undermines a student’s capacity to reason and express their individuality. These are the ones who base their argument on cultural differences, ethnicity and economic status of the students and their families. Rather, he notices that a uniform is a unifying factor for students. Just like in technology, Anderson highlights some ways the uniforms can incorporate the aspect of innovation to prevent them from boring. His argument also embarks on the aspect of cost. To him, the uniform can reduce the cost in some way one being that the student from a low economic background is not forced to forego some other primary need to keep up with the fashions their peers adopts. Time is very valuable for students according to Anderson. To avoid wasting much of it dressing up in fancy designs, uniforms saves time. For fashionable girls, one does not have to worry about matching colors or what others would comment about their choices. He gives an insight on the need for school uniforms to eliminate gang formations. Further, there is a need for unity, community spirit and pride for students. This can only be established if there were uniformity and a sense of belonging for each student regardless of their economic statuses. Uniforms as the solution to school bullies, aid for a student to concentrate on studies than on fashions and enhanced professionalism or

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