Tom Trinko’s ‘Islam: Not Just a Religion’

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Tom Trinko’s ‘Islam: Not Just a Religion’ Part I In this article, Trinko concentrates in the differences between Islam and Christianity. His main aim is to elaborate how these differences affect whether Muslims should be accepted as refugees in America or not. According to Trinko, religion formed the primary basis for the formulation of the constitution. (Trinko 1) As a mainly Christian country, Christian ethics were used as the guide to determine rules governing Americans. However, Trinko feels that Islam is radically different from Christianity and therefore doubts the capability of Muslims to adhere to the same principles set in the constitution. To demonstrate these facts, Trinko points out to the fact that Islam is not just a religion but permeates strongly into adherents’ way of life. As such, most Muslims hold the Islamic teachings with higher regard to secular laws. This forms the basis for the insistence in sharia law in Muslim majority countries. In fact, Trinko points out that in democracies with higher Muslim population such Pakistan, Islamic killings are carried out without a lot of objection. Trinko presents Islam as a violent religion that is hard to change. According to him, it is impossible for a true Muslim to be moderate and rational. In fact, he thinks that America is digging its own grave by allowing indiscriminate entry of Muslim entry into the USA. (Trinko 1) Additionally, Trinko feels that it would be unfair to allow random entry because this was also practiced against Catholics. In his opinion, Catholicism is a much milder faith than Islam. In a grave exaggeration of facts, Trinko compares Islamic leadership to the idea of having the pope

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