Tom as a reliable narrator

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date In the Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams The narrator in Tennessee Williams “The Glass Menagerie” is Tom Wingfield and he is also a character in the play. However, there is a distinction between the character of Tom as a narrator and Tom as an actor. Tom tells the audience from the start that he is the narrator and, therefore, he cannot be trusted with two roles in the play (Harris, 24). However, Howeverm,HHhe cannot refute the fact that the narrator is the reader’s guide explaining the actions taking place in the play. Due to this fact, he also permeates the play with its tone through the memories presented. However, the fact that Tom narrates the story in which he is an actor makes him an unreliable narrator, and we cannot take everything he says objectively, not to mention sometimes his emotions determine his point of view. In the first scene, Tom informs the readers that the play is a memory play and intentionally exaggerates Amanda as a nagging character. We, as the readers, cannot rely on such a narrator to tell us only the truth. When the story is told by a character who is also in the story, it means there is the likelihood that it is altered and adjusted. It is imperative to consider that objectivity and possible accuracy have been removed from the story. From the beginning to the ending of the play, what Tom narrates to the audience is the truth in the camouflage of misconception (Williams, 04). When he uses the phrase “truth in the disguise of illusion” it becomes clear that he is not very sure of what about to show. The audience only relies on the story as it is told from his

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