To what extent do different conditions affect the growth of duckweed (Lemna) over time?

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Name Professor’s Name Course Date To What Extent Do Different Conditions Affect the Growth of Duckweed (Lemna) over Time? 1497 words Background The growth of aquatic plants depends on some factors prevailing in a pond. These factors include temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen and light intensity (Seymour 2). Sensitive plants such as duckweed respond quickly to change in any of these factors, either by increasing when conditions are favorable or reducing when these factors become limiting. Duckweed represents the smallest ever known angiosperms. In this study, the aim is to investigate the extent by which different conditions affect the growth of duckweed (Lemna gibba) over time. This study holds that some of these factors are dependent on other, and this necessitates establishing the measure of pH and dissolved oxygen. Research Question and Hypothesis Research Question To what extent do different conditions and temperatures affect the growth of duckweed (Lemna) over time? Hypothesis Water temperature in a pond has a significant influence on both the pH and dissolved oxygen conditions in a pond. If the water temperature is essential, then it can be used in controlling the growth of duckweed in pond management. Methodology Variables A variable is a measurable trait that can indicate changes in the status of a condition that is tested (Wright & David 3). In this experiment, three types of variables namely independent, dependent, control and extraneous will be used. Independent variable in this study is the temperature in of the pond water. This temperature rises and falls based on air conditions or light intensity. Although in different settings, such

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