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Author’s Name Professor Course Due Date Mesopotamia in the Neolithic Period The real revolution happened in a way that it brought transformation to people, their cultures, activities as well as their general livelihood. Mesopotamia is inclusive of these significant changes that saw great developments made globally. The road to civilization in this region gets traced through several ages including Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolithic to classical antiquity. This paper focuses on outlining the greatness of Mesopotamia during the Neolithic period. Mesopotamia undergoes significant steps of development during the Neolithic period. According to Mark (N.p), this time marks outstanding inventions that exist to date for many communities worldwide. Firstly this period marks the new Stone Age where the people resort to the use of stone to make tools and weapons rather than quartzite. The "cutting edge" marks the advanced technology for this era. The strength and durability of stone made the tools and weapons efficient. Additionally, there was an awakening on the practice of farming as a better economic activity. Crop cultivation got accompanied by another practice of animal husbandry (Bertman 339). People shifted from hunting and gathering and became more settled by rearing animals and planting crops as they realized these practices were more beneficial as there was a guarantee of healthy food. Consequently, the more people settled down, the better the results as the advancements in architecture got made during this time. There was the need for permanent settlements since they had abandoned their mobile lives. Therefore, the building of better permanent

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