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Think Jot Share Name: Institution: Abstract This paper is an assessment of the big five traits associated with the successful manager. It includes a critique of the five traits by using my current manager as a case study. The first part of the paper looks at the trait of surgency by focusing on traits such as dominance, extraversion, and high energy with determination. The second part of the paper examines the agreeableness where the manager’s qualities of self-awareness and self-management are assessed. Additionally, the paper also looks at the traits of adjustment, conscientiousness and openness. In general, the assessment has shown that my current manager’s success can be traced to the way in which he combines these qualities to give the employees advice. The last section of the paper is a reflection on how I can improve my skills by learning from my manager as well as colleagues. In general, through this paper, I have realized the areas of weakness that I need to improve. Think Jot Share The trait of dominance is so important for managers to possess. Through this trait, a manager can take charge of the various activities. Managers who are dominant lead by example as they serve as role models for other employees. For example, if a dominant manager wants to bring about change, they have to lead other employees in ensuring that this goal is realized. Moreover, dominance is also an important trait as it gives the leaders self-confidence which enables them to make tough decisions. Additionally, self-confidence also ensures that a manager leads their team with authority and responsibility. Furthermore, dominance is also important as it ensures that

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