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Think Jot Share Name of Student Name of Institution Abstract Leadership skills refer to the competent abilities portrayed by a leader in his performance. These skills give the leaders a mandate to influence others and successfully play their role. Leadership skills have three categories which include interpersonal, administrative, and conceptual skills. Managerial skills are fundamentally required in a leader; they include the ability of an individual to manage people, resources, as well as technical competence. Interpersonal skills involve how a leader relate to others it entails of emotional intelligence, ability to handle conflict, and socially perceptive. On the other hand, conceptual skills describe how well a leader can work with ideas, and it involves thinking. These skills include problem-solving, vision creation, and strategic planning. This paper will evaluate the type of leadership skills portrayed by the former Twitter CEO Evan Williams and indicate his areas of strengths and weaknesses. Keywords: Leadership skills, Decision-making, Managing Conflicts, Socially perceptive. Administrative skills Answer Managing people Poor Managing resources Average Showing technical competence Very good Comment Based on the information given by the article, Mr. Williams portrays have poor skills in managing people because, in his previous working experience, one of his partners indicated that Mr. Williams had a weakness in taking care of the people who helped him earn his success. It can also be explained by his inability to make quick decisions regarding his colleagues and their suitable positions. He also possesses average skills in managing resources,

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