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They Rule In my review of the site, it is clear that the website is less colorful and unattractive. However, the content contained in the website has effectively projected the campaign against the ruling class individuals. They Rule website provides the evaluation of various relationship exhibited by the ruling class in the United States. It has been established that major corporations in the United States are controlled by a small group of individuals who have a huge stake in all firms. Even though the concept of monopoly has been prohibited in American trading cultures, many firms are still controlled by the same directors. Consequently, the primary issue with this form of business practice is that it creates an oligopolistic system of trading. This ensures that a few firms control the entire industry and every section of the economy. Furthermore, since these directors sit from one board meeting to another, they have established a close relation with the government to form prominent firms in the global business emperors. The primary problem is that they practice a monopolistic system of business practice without being recognized by the public eye. According to Marx, it will require a legitimate, powerful force to break down the ruling class who base their operation on capitalism practices. In conclusion, this system of business practices poses the threat of global warming, nuclear war, and civil war. For instance, it has been established that wealthy nations have manipulated the emerging countries into staged civil war so that they could exploit their natural resources. For example, the Democratic Republic of Congo perennial civil violence is always influenced by major

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