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Theory / Conceptual Model Paper Name Institutional Affiliation Theory / Conceptual Model Paper The Health Belief Model emphasizes that messages will attain optimal behavior change when they can counter their perceived barriers. Accordingly, the ability of the model to explain and predict health behaviors ensures that the attitudes and beliefs of individuals are taken into consideration when evaluating the psychological aspects of the patient. The model is dependent on the assumption and understanding that individuals can make the appropriate courses of action when they face threats. The degree of their perceived susceptibility is dependent on the measures, which are undertaken to guarantee self-efficacy or confidence to act. The paper by Quast, Knobloch, Patterson, Purvis, Shirley, and Safdar (2016) gives information on patient perceptions regarding catheter-associated urinary tract infections and their attitudes on indwelling catheters. The study identified that a majority of the patients who perceived catheters to be convenient were unaware of the infections or any other dangers associated with them. Interestingly, catheter-associated urinary tract infections are a common healthcare-associated infection. Quast et al. (2016), document that up to 30% of the infections in healthcare facilities are linked to the use of catheters. However, such infections are preventable when all the stakeholders who use the catheters are aware of its appropriate use and proper insertion and maintenance methods. Given the focus of the study, it is evident that it is capable of describing the key features of its conceptual model. Besides, it gives relevant information regarding

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