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Name: Instructor: Institution Affiliation: Date: Moral Criticism and Dramatic Construction Moral criticism is Plato's philosophical idea of analyzing art materials. Plato suggests that artworks should have moral lessons for the audience. Dramatic construction always relates negatively with morals. Honest criticism is relevant to student's today especially in Shakespeare literature because many research materials available currently tend to focus on entertainment than teaching morals (Willard and Kokai 7-27). Unfortunately, sometimes shows could be immoral but entertainment. More are times when people chose to seek for entertainment in literature materials than they find the moral lesson. Shakespeare presents his works in a suitable language that draw the attention of the reader. Shakespeare is a different writer who composes both comedies and tragedies he also blends funny and grievous components in a one play. More than once Shakespeare shakes satirizes various plays. For instance, in the play "Midsummer Night's Dream", Shakespeare uses satire through employing a play within a play. "Romeo and Juliet" is well known on the stage and the screen. After watching most Shakespeare performance, the audience may wonder in a dilemma; are Shakespeare works tragic or comic? This study is honest criticism and the dramatic construction of Shakespeare's work "Romeo and Juliet." The theory of morality and dramatic development explores most of Shakespeare works. In particular, “Romeo and Juliet,” the audience may get confused watching the performance. The confusion brought by a mixture of comedy and tragedy may easily make the audience to lose the motif of the play

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