The Wall

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Student`s Name Professor`s Name Course Title Date of Submission The Wall Existentialism emphasizes that people are free and have control over their actions and choices. This philosophical theory stems from the belief that society should not hinder a person`s free will and actions. Existentialism aims to develop a person`s potential. "The Wall" is a short novel written by Jean Paul in 1939. Its setting is based in Spain during the Spanish Civil War, and it tells about three prisoners awaiting their death by execution in the morning. The characters in the novel are suffering from an existential crisis when faced with the certainty of death. One aspect of existentialism is the importance of choice. An individual should have the freedom to choose their lives. The prisoners are faced with the decision dying or giving out information about the whereabouts of Roman Gris. Pablo realizes that he would have to betray his beliefs or die with his fellow prisoners. Furthermore, he reasons that there exists no definite choice since losing his reason for living is not better than losing his life. Existentialism focuses on the importance of an individual. The novel circles around the final moments of three people. Each person deals with the reality of the impending death differently (Gale, 25). Another aspect of existentialism is the absurdity of life. Life has no definite meaning or purpose, and all we can do is face it the way it is and hope for the best. The fact that Ramon is capture at the false location given by Pablo confirms this. By chance, Ramon moves from his hiding place to the position given. Hence, Pablo`s lie is considered the truth because it led to the death

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