The Vulgate and St. Augustine’s Confessions

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Name of Student Name of Instructor Course Code Date of Submission The Vulgate and St. Augustine's Confessions Introduction The Augustine confessions are dated back to the fourth century when there was some turbulence in Christianity. Augustine was an intellectual who helped to replace the Roman state which was dying by then. The Vulgate was the Latin edition of the scripture which was adopted as the Roam Catholic Bible. This generated a lot controversy because the author was considered to be more of a pagan than Christian. The version was done by the four scholars namely, Jerome, Ambrose, Gregory and St Augustine (Augustine, 30). The Augustine confession was liturgical scripture that aimed at the repentance of the human race and abstains from the doing sin. The human race is prone to sinning due to the desires of the flesh. Augustine did not lose the inspiration and encouraging the people to step up their faith In Christ. He termed the human tongue as the primary cause of the troubles the man goes through. The language has the power to persuade the man into sinful acts during the temptations. The Analysis of the Vulgate and Augustine’s Confession The Vulgate edition which was adopted by the Catholic Church focused on learning how to handle criticism with dignity. For example, if someone calls someone names, Vulgate makes it clear that it is not the person that makes them angry but their thinking. "Only one person (Christ) in this world has the power to put you down, and you are that person, no one else." Being criticized triggers, one's negative thoughts about themselves from the subconscious into consciousness. The negative thoughts lead to

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