The Use of Cell Phones and the Academic Performance

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: The Use of Cell Phones and the Academic Performance The major findings of the study conducted by Andrew Lepp, Jacob E. Barkley, and Aryn C. Karpinski showed clarity and firm stand that overuse of mobile phones had an adverse effect on students and their academic performance. As the advent of technologies created a powerful impact on people in all walks of life, its effect has spread over the course of actions and manners of life among people such as parents, students, and teachers. Sometimes, such influence of cell phones on students has bought the attention of parents and teachers who should work together to bring the light of the problems regarding academic setting. The presence of mobile or cell phones, which greatly helped students communicate with other people, has posed issues in students’ academic performances. Although there have been some studies that indicated no impact of cell phones use on students’ academic performances, other experts made a challenging outcome of their research and established their firm stand that cell phone use had something to do with students’ academic performances. The major limits of the study focused on students’ official academic records, their basic demographic and personal information, and their interview results from the questions using the SE: AA and SE: SRL scales. As some studies highlighted the issues of cell phone uses, the authors such as Lepp, Barkley, and Karpinski in 2015 substantiated the report that the increased use of mobile phones among students lessened their interests in their studies. Their findings revealed that an overuse of cell phones affected the students’

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