The use of 3 elements of mise-en-scene to depicts and develop central characters who appears in the movie

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Student’s Name: Instructor’s name: Course Number: Date of Submission: The use of Mise-en-scene to depict and develop characters in the film Spirit Away Introduction Mise-en-scene refers to the implementation different aspects of a film that focuses on the artistic element of the movie in question. Proper application of mise-en-scene ensures that the film delivers the desired imagery and viewership in conjunction with the characters’ alignment with regards to their personality and role played in the film. This paper focuses on the use of mise-en-scene in the film Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki. The film uses mise-en-scene to develop the central characters Chihiro, Haku, and the Stink Spirit. Mise-en-scene is crucial in ensuring that the characters in Spirited Away maintain the role that the producer intended for them by manipulating the setting, costume, and lighting such that the outward appearance reflects the individual’s personality. Sets and Props The scene where Chihiro realizes that she is trapped in a spirit world is used to depict the character’s naivety as well as her disposition to fear (Miyazaki et al. 2003). The scene is such that the décor within the room is both spooky to those young at heart. The construction of the room in question provides the viewer with the perception that Chihiro has only one way to go to escape the emerging spirits. This forces her to run away deeper into the spirit world which is both a source of horror for the character but remains to be the only option. This clearly shows how fearful the character must be. The first scene where Haku meets Chihiro is used to depict him as being assertive and protective.

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