The Statue of Liberty

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Subject Date The Statue of Liberty There is an excellent architectural work involved in the development of the vast Statue of Liberty which is lying in the New York City's Island of Liberty. The Statue was built in the United States’ New York Harbor. The statue's skin is made of copper, and it is a gift from the French people to the citizens of the United States. The design of the Statue was done by a French person in France where body parts building also took place. The main aim of building the Statue was to dedicate it to the United States as it symbolizes friendship between these two countries. The project was a combined task force stuck between two nations in honor of everlasting friendship between US and France. The Americans built the pedestal where the statue would be located on a small Island in Upper New York Bay; the Island is currently referred to as Liberty Island. In 1886, the United States president (President Grover Cleveland) officially launched the Statue amidst cheers from lots of American people who had come out to witness the launching of this National Monument. Edouard de Laboulaye, who was a French Historian, suggested that they (France) should make a statue and dedicate to the United States citizens in appreciation of the United States achievement in creating a sustainable democracy; this was during the last days of American Civil War. Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was assigned the task of designing the sculpture as soon as possible since the centenary celebration of the Declaration of Independence in 1876 was approaching. Since the project was a combined effort between France and United States,

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