The Stages of My Life:

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Student’s Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Life Relation to Songs I know I can is a song made by Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones known by his stage name as Nas (‘I Can’ n.p). I listened to I know I can in my childhood because it was at a point that I needed encouragement in my studies. It encouraged me to search for greater heights and striving to become better. During my middle school, I was really outgoing and into trying different experiences in nature. R. Kelly’s song I believe I can fly relates to me because it gave me the push to be better. Right now I am a go-getter because of this fact, and I believe there is nothing that I have dreamed and can`t achieve.Additionally, you saved me by R. Kelly is one of the most relatable songs during my junior high because it marks a point in my life I connected with my faith in God. It has helped me because it changed my whole life to being a true believer. School life ends up with the important aspect of graduation which is the culmination of the whole process from successful entry into school to studying and being graded. This is why Kanye West`s song on graduation is relatable to my life. There is no better feeling like finishing up studies on a good tone. Most importantly this moment will mark the beginning of my adult life. In conclusion, every day is a new day to do things differently, with new experiences, a new outlook, and perspective on things. For this reason, Good morning by Kanye West is one of the best songs I listen to currently because it gives me the feeling of optimism. Waking up every day is a gift. Therefore, this song makes me appreciate all the moments in my life that I have gone through,

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