The Sons of Libery

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: The American Sons of Liberty Introduction America was a colony of the British long before it got its independence. Therefore, it means America was under the British rule. Some of the rules that the America had to abide were passed in the British parliament and passed on to the American people through the colonial masters. The colonist Americans were not at ease with the arrangement and could sometimes agitate and publicly grumble on some of the legislations passed over by the British parliament. Though the rule of law existed, King George III of Great Britain could at times enforce the rules with much severity that it angered the American colonists. When the stamp act was passed in late March of 1765, it received public outrage and equal wrath. The act required the Americans to pay tax on any printed piece of document. It meant to raise money for the protection of the American borders by the British. The colonists felt that though the money collected from the act was not much considering its use, the act opened up leeway for the colonial masters to keep imposing more direct taxes. Civil upheavals thus arose that challenged the development of the tax. Few groups of people, majorly artisans, blacksmiths, traders and a few professionals formed underground groups to show disgust to the tax, especially those who were directly in charge of its collection. The Union Club, the Long-Room Club, Boston Caucus Club among other were the small groups organized to show their opposition to the tax. Later, in 1765, they joined under the same frontier, that though was initially underground, became openly public and vocal movement led by Samuel

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