The Shakers

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Student’s Name Course Tutor’s Name Date The Shakers Overview of the Shakers The Shakers, also known as the United Society of Believers, obtained the name due to the trembling, ecstatic, and quaking that their worshippers involved in when they were praying. They were one of the several unorthodox Protestant religious unions that came up in England during the last mid of the 18th century (Marshall 13). Those who did not follow the Shakers’ tenets, also known as the World’s People, referred to them as Shakers as a result of the trembling and spinning and other jubilant campaigns that would occasionally overwhelm the Believers when they were praying (Herzberg 12). Dancing was a vital manifestation of Shakers’ holiness and was always defined as a physical and spiritual way by which the Believers could get rid of their immoralities. The Shakers were not the only society that applied the dance as a means of prayer or worship because there were also many other religious groups that integrated the style of dance into their ceremonies. Accordingly, Muslims, Christina, Hindus, and Jews all documented the dance in their holy books or applied it when they were praying and worshiping (Herzberg 13). The Shakers were founded in Manchester city by James Wardley and his wife, Jane. An uneducated textile employee, called Ann Lee, propagated the group. She was a tall, outstanding, charming woman who got engaged with the Shakers in 1758 and popularized their traditions, often experiencing local aggression. (Herzberg 15). Lee ensured that the movement reached several populations across the British society and other parts of the world, and in 1774, she guided a small

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