The role of nutrition in preventing pressure ulcers

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The Role of Nutrition in Preventing Pressure Ulcers Name Institution Affiliation The Role of Nutrition in Preventing Pressure Ulcers Increased evidence indicates that old age and pressure ulcers have a strong correlation. Apparently, a similar association exists between malnutrition and pressure ulcers. When the elderly are diagnosed with pressure ulcers, malnutrition, which is also popular among the subject population, negatively affects any modes of treating the wounds (Leaker, 2013). The lack of proper and adequate nutrition mostly makes the healing process longer and impaired. However, given this understanding, nutrition could play a primary role in the prevention of the pressure ulcers and wound healing (Leaker, 2013). Most of the macronutrients play primary roles in the wound healing process. For instance, protein assists in tissue synthesis and repair. Thus, its deficiency could delay wound healing in addition to the breakdown of the body (Leaker, 2013). Comparably, a nutrition diet with proteins, carbohydrates, and fats provides energy in different forms such as glucose. On the other hand, most of the micronutrients act as antioxidants and promote collagen synthesis; all of which enhance the immune response (Leaker, 2013). Still, the shortage of fluids in the body results in dehydration and negatively affects cell metabolism, which disrupts the healing. Therefore, the inclusion of high fluid intake as part of the normal is essential for the maintenance of blood flow to the wound tissues and prevention of further breakdown of skin (Leaker, 2013). In conclusion, the provision of good nutrition in a controlled environment such as the nursing and retirement

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