The Real Solution to Ecological Crisis

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The ecological crisis is a widespread global issue. Scholars in different fields continue to propose various solutions toward the issue. The author, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, a Sufi teacher, and writer, in the article "Shifting the Climate Debate on Sacred Ground" with a revolutionary idea published in Huffington Post and moves his readers by claiming that the fundamental solution for ecological crisis is to rebuild the bond between humans and the earth. By using various rhetorical strategies and appeals of pathos and ethos, he successfully argues that a spiritual perspective is imperative in resolving the ecological crisis. At the beginning of the article, Lee employs multiple sources to support his argument that environmental crisis is rooted in spirituality. He quoted a theologian, Metropolitan John Zizioulas "the ecological crises are fundamentally the spiritual problems” and mentions scientific studies regarding a "sixth great mass extinction" to support his argument (12). Through different references and a number of sources and individuals, he evidence because the sources support his idea, which is currently a popular and widely acclaimed in both science and religious fields. Although the scholars and elites, as represented by Pope; Zizioulas, and scientists who study climate change conduct have ultimately reached an agreement and share the same opinion that the ecological crisis essentially exists and will be vital for the human to solve in the future. After ascertaining that the topic is subject to pervasive debates and discourses, Lee admits that the studies on the ecological crisis are in “arena of science, politics, and economics.” (12) "Science can show us

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