The Power of Information

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The Power of Information Question 1 It is important to understand the context of any message. Context refers to who wrote the message and why that message was written. As an independent thinker, it is always important to ask yourself what the context of any particular message is. If the information is false, then the best thing would be not to spread it. In this case, the director’s information is entirely untrue and should thus be invalidated by not spreading it. Question 2 The creation process is imperative because it helps us establish the origin of any piece of work. Once anyone has completed his or her work, it is then scrutinized. After passing the scrutiny test, it is then put up and published alongside other works whose veracity has also been tested. Only through such processes as peer reviewing can untrustworthy content cease to be spread CITATION Dan91 p 91 l 1033 (Dancik 91). If a work is reviewed by many people and posted on a credible website, then it becomes more trustworthy. Question 3 Asking questions is necessary because we need to have a starting point from where we can move. A person might have a lot of knowledge or information about a particular topic or issue, but he or she cannot know everything. Therefore, questions in research provide you with a base or an angle from where to start. It is only through questioning what is already existing that we can find answers and come up with more questions for the future. Asking questions invalidates the Partisan Talk Show Host, as we work with facts, not assumptions. Question 4 By giving credit to the author or creator of another work, we not only recognize their efforts but also include them in the

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