The Parable of First Impression in Advertisements

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Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: The parable First Impression in advertisements Ideas in advertisements insinuate that every problem has an instant solution. In many scenarios, advertisers point the problem then immediately pose their product as the ultimate solution to your problem. In fact, their product is the only solution to the problem. Throughout the domination of adverts, the advertisers ensure that they communicate the message of the product and the means of communication ensures that the products create a lasting first impression on the intended audience. Advertiser’s creative license revolves around the use of radical comparisons which preys on the attention of its audience. Among the three parables used by advertisers, the parable of the first impression seems to have dominated most advertisement including the advert this paper will analyze. The First impression parable emphasizes on the need for creating a reputation anytime opportunity knocks on your door (Merchand 206-234). Ideally, several brainy quotes suggest that no one will get a second chance for generating the first impression. Like the idea itself, the advertisers create the some urgency effect for their products. Tales built on the first impression suggest that successfulness or failure of businesses, relationships, reputations and business deals relates to how we perceive a person. Furthermore, it is a general belief that first impression lasts long. For example, an image of a neat lady in a suit and spectacles portrays her as a potential good brainy woman who is likely to be a good wife. Describing the ads for Schlitz malt liquor commercial The first scene of the

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