the origins of travel for pleasure

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The origins of travel for pleasure Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract The paper traces the roots of travel for pleasure. It also assesses its development to put more emphasis on the fact that the practice is not something new as it is a process which has distinguished and defined the behavior of humans. To have an extensive understanding of this phenomenon, it is necessary to consider the phases it has gone through and the factors that have influenced its growth, for instance, economic and social changes in the society, technological factors and the general development in a region such as improved infrastructure. Contrary to what scholars and students think, travel for pleasure has a long history. Additionally, the paper touches on ways travel for pleasure influence the growth of a nation or a region. Towards the conclusion, it highlights the importance of tourism to a county's economy. Finally, the paper pinpoints different steps that various countries have taken to reap the benefits resulting from travel for pleasure which is something prevalent in this era. Keywords: Travel for pleasure, origin, modern era The origins of travel for pleasure Traveling started a long time ago, and humans would travel to various places because of multiple reasons. However, visiting places just for fun is comparatively a recent trend. Whereas early humans moved to different places in search of food as well as other essentials for survival, afterward, traveling was mainly for trading. As the wealthy class of people evolved, traveling to different regions of the world to experience diverse cultures, art, as well as cuisines, started to be dominant. The terms

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