The Origins of Health: Community or Individual Responsibility

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The Origins of Good or Poor Health Name Institution Abstract According to WHO, health is defined as a state of well-being pertaining three aspects; that is, physical, mental, and social soundness. Put as such, scholars and policymakers have argued that health is above and beyond a state of absence of disease or infirmity. Therefore, health encompasses an interplay of both individual and community perspectives hence creating a discourse in understanding the origins of good or poor health. Furthermore, researchers have identified that there exists a correlation between individual and community health which can provide a lead in understanding health and its determinants. This essay analyzes the US healthcare system with a focus on the dominating ‘mother tongue’ in the contemporary American society. As will be discussed below, unlike other industrialized countries’ healthcare system, the US healthcare system is unique from in the sense that it lacks a universal healthcare system and a centralized insurance plan for its citizens. Moreover, statistics have shown that most health care procedures, although financed by public resources, are delivered to the common citizen privately. Key Words: health, origins of health, healthcare system, individual perspective, community perspective. Introduction According to WHO, health is generally defined as a state of well-being pertaining three aspects; that is, physical, mental, and social soundness. From a precise biomedical point of view, health can be defined as having a normal physiologic and anatomic composition hence the absence of any negative biological circumstances such as disease or disability. Defined as such,

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