The obesity in New generation

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Student’s Name Instructor Course Date Obesity in New Generation Introduction As the contemporary society struggles to eliminate a lot of epidemic diseases, the society has in turn been swept by its lifestyles resulting into an obese infected and affected society. Hence, obesity has come out as an increasing worry in the new generation in comparison to other diseases. In simple terms, obesity is a condition of excessive or abnormal accumulation of fat in the adipose tissue resulting in health impairment, as the amount fat and its body distribution in absolute terms have significant health inferences (Ofei 99). However, according to this definition, some questions arise as to what value is an average body fat and how fat is too much for one to be obese. For example, an overweight child may weigh relatively less than a healthy adult. Therefore, the weight alone does not give enough qualifying parameter. Therefore, other factors like gender, age, and height could also be included, but in that case, it is worth talking about the causes, challenges, and consequences of obesity in the new generation. Causes of obesity Confusingly obesity could be regarded as same to overweight. However, regarding the body mass index (BMI) the two are distinct health states. BMI is the total weight of an individual in kilograms divided by the person’s height in squared meters (Kg/m2) (Nguyen and El-Serag 1). Based on the BMI differences overweight has been defined as having a BMI ranging from 25 to 29.9 Kg/m2 while obesity is when BMI is more than 30.0 Kg/m2 (Nguyen and El-Serag 1). In light of that, obesity is mostly caused by the energy imbalance between the consumed calories

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