The O. Henry Prize Stories 2017 The Buddhist

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Student name Institution Course Date The O. Henry Prize Stories 2017: “The Buddhist”. The author of “The Buddhist” is Alan Rossi. The main point in this particular story is that mediation reduces stress and promotes a healthy lifestyle by increasing happiness and self-awareness. Elise Grantwell seems not to be getting these benefits of mediation after she recently embraced it. It is for this reason that she has decided to contact the Buddhist to find out what the problem could be. As she explains her problem, the Buddhist learns that Elise Grantwell is not following the principles of mediation. One of such principles that she is not following is the principle of place. This particular principle states that meditation should be conducted in a quiet and undisturbed place. On the contrary, Elise conducts her meditation where her friends are. This is evidenced by their interruption greetings “Hey, Elise, you awake over there?” The second principle that Elise Grantwell appears not to be following is the principle of attitude. This particular principle states that any individual who intends to meditate should have a positive attitude towards meditation (Rossi, p 43). On the contrary, Elise Grantwell has a negative attitude towards meditation. She explains to the Buddhist that meditation is adding her more stress. Her negative attitude is reflected in the question that she asks the Buddhist, “What if all this Buddhism stuff is bad for me? “Stuff” in this case refers to meditation. This particular question appears to suggest that Elise is not willing to continue meditating (Rossi, p 57. One thing that Elise has failed to understand according to the

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