The Movie Invitus

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Name Instructor Course Date InvictusQuestion #1 Humility has been identified in academic literature as a key characteristic for effective leaders. Describe moments in the film where the Mandela character displays humility, and examine the effect it has on his followers. Why do you think humility might be so important in a leadership context? With consideration of the fall of apartheid, Mandela takes the challenge of an economically and racially segregated South Africa in the movie Invictus. He believes in uniting the country through sports and begins with rugby. The Mandela character portrays the leadership trait of humility by the president through quiet reflective confidence and personal connection for commitments to lead from values. When Mandela first meets Francois Pienaar, the springbok’s captain and a white Afrikaner, the President personal style of humility and warmness treat everyone with appreciation and respect charms. Pienaar leaves the meeting with a realization that something so noteworthy has happened to him. By Mandela’s trait of humility, he had inspired a shared vision of the meaning and importance of the Springbok win to the South African government. Mandela trait of humility challenges the process in various scenes diligently. At some instance, he puts his staff on a challenge by making them think differently about policies and issues. For instance, he challenges his members’ security team led by a black to work in togetherness with the more experienced white partners. It is evident when they are observed to work together as a single team that cheers Springboks. Humility is important in leadership context since it can be used to accept a

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