The Money-Driven Culture

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The Money-Driven Culture. The USA is a multicultural state where specific cultural heritages bind people. However, just like the state is great, everyone wishes to be remarkable too. To do this, they must coincide with the growing economies. Adopting the world-class kind of lifestyle comes at a cost. The sacrifices one has to make is losing their moral and cultural bonds and become all-time moneymakers. With the rise of multinational trade links, increased cost of living and the need to keep the superiority status over other nations, USA has to make sound strategies, professional marketing, have dynamic pricing system and appropriate distribution over all other competitors. All this revolves around money and resources. The difficulty the state is facing lies in the fundamental issues of place, price, product, and promotion. It has to transit from domestic-based operations to a global view taking into consideration all other essential factors for success. However, morals and expectations within these cultures influence all business transactions. The more they hold on to the traditional ethics, the greater the challenges are to future developments. In her effort to transform to the wider economy, USA had to disown the traditional business etiquette to a new era of economic liberalism. This bore the general modern elegance, the money culture. From conducting multilateral businesses, vast industrial productions to massive infrastructural developments, it is evident that the US will not settle for less than their Chinese, France and Western rivals. The current economy has shifted from a normal societal growth to a challenging uniqueness and superiority. Over the last decade,

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