The Man called Ove

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Name Course Professor Date ‘The Man called Ove’ There is a general perception that novels can be so amusing and full of surprises at the same time. Fredrick's Blackman's book about an interesting character by the name Ove is one that will attract many and get the desire to know more about it. In the normal life, it always happens that there are people with various characters or behaviors that are in one way or the other beneficial. At the same time, some may not be such impressive and lack any contribution to the people. However, such people are still relevant to the society. The aim of this essay is to response to the positives and the negatives arising from a character known as Ove in Fredrick Blackman's novel and the implication that it has in the lives of the people in the society. I have come to love this book. It is heart-warming, heart-breaking, and funny and shows the goodness that people have and how other people display that in a little different way. The book is basically about this character called Ove that all combine into an excellent all-encompassing storyline. He becomes one of the most loveable characters and one who is so complex. The book is humorous, profound and also gloomy at some instances. We get to learn more about Ove as the film progresses and especially as it flashes back to the past and the moment. The Positives of the book At some time Ove is grieving the recent demise of his cherished wife by the name Sonja (Ida Engvoll). He is having an intention of going to join her in the cemetery. Dr. Viktor Frankl's philosophical quote, "those who have a ‘why ‘to live, can tolerate with virtually any ‘how' (Blackman, 56). Ove had

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