The Long Way Home revised

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: The Long Way Home The book narrates the history of immigrants traveling from their homeland to seek refuge in the U.S.A. The immigrants are as follows: Peter Thompson from County Antrim in Northern Ireland (page 19), Epifanio Affatato from Scala Coeli in Italy, Magnus Andreas Brattesto from Norway and Antonio Pierro from Italy. The immigrants were leaving their countries due to poverty. The author says that "lands are becoming too small and farmers are suffering as they have many people to feed.” (Page 18), they feared due to lack of doctors to treat them. The immigrants were migrating to search for employment to get something in their pockets. (Page 19) they are also running away from disasters. The voyage across the ocean was full of calm moments and dreamy reverie. People remembered sitting on the surface in the sun when the weather was mild. They were busy talking about the goodness awaiting them in America. At night they could hear songs from huddled groups. Some Jewish girls who never came cross to men could be found dancing wildly with deckhands who never spoke a word in their language. People were full of anxieties as the voyage came to an end. Some developed feelings of unhappiness and homesickness. Some of them were not sure of what they will meet where they were going (pag.34). As they were traveling, they faced challenges. Kids slept together in similar beds with their mothers. One bed could accommodate five people. They never changed their clothes for seven days. On arrival, all the third-class passengers underwent a thorough inspection. They were then taken to Ellis Island where they took medical examination.

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