The Legend of sleepy Hollow

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Name Tutor Course Date The legend of sleepy hollow book summary The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is a narrative about a man called Ichabod Crane and his fruitless attempts at winning the heart of Katrina Van Tassel. The story is set up in the context of a humorous ghost story. Sleepy Hollow is a relatively small and very quiet town in New York, speculated to be under some charm. Everybody in the town seems to do things a little slower. The dwellers of the town and especially the old women like to talk about ghost stories (Irving 10). Ichabod arrives at the town as a school teacher and a music teacher. He loves the town dearly, especially the women and their mysterious stories. One particular story which everybody in the town talks about is the story of a headless horseman, who is often seen riding near the church. Ichabod finds that story very weird. Meanwhile, he continues with his pursuit for Katrina. He even asks Katrina one time to marry him, but she refuses. Although he gets disappointed, he doesn’t give up all that easily. Coincidentally, there is also another man who happens to be in love with Katrina. His name is Brom Bones. He is a huge man who likes to play tricks on people (Irving, 12). He is also very intimidating, especially to men who show interest in Katrina. On learning of Ichabod's interest in Katrina, he starts his intimidating pranks. One day, Ichabod receives a letter while in school. The content of the letter is an invitation to a party at some rich farmer’s house. Ichabod gets very excited that he lets his students go home an hour earlier. He borrows a horse from a neighbor and sets out, riding for the farmer’s house. Ichabod enjoys the

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