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The Johari Window Name Institution Affiliation Abstract This paper provides the understanding of self by the application of a tool known as the Johari Window. The Johari Window provides a systemic model designed to enhance effective relationships within group and self. The Johari window helps people to analyze themselves by laying simple ways for self-evaluation. There are four boxes of Johari window that enhances the understanding of self. These four components are: open, blind, hidden, and unknown The application of the Johari window in real life situation can help one to improve his communication skills, improve on the self-esteem, and build long lasting trust with others. Self-disclosures involve risk taking and trusting others that they will positively respond to your personality. People cannot know the hidden areas unless it is shared. The more the personal information is shared enhance how other people know you. The Johari might be helpful on overcoming conflict in intimate relationship with others. On the same note, the Johari window may be useful in enhancing relationships at the workplace. Own Johari Window with a friend Now let me explore what I perceive as my personal Johari. My open area relates to my religious affiliation. All my friends, relatives, and family members know that I’m a very staunch Christian. They always see me going to church and taking an active role in religious practices such as singing and preaching. Secondly, my friend knows that I’m a very big fan of soccer. I rarely miss major soccer events unless I’m very busy. Therefore, people know that am a religious and very social person. On the other hand, my friend seems to

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