The Invisible Man by Wells

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date The Invisible Man by Wells In the novel The Invisible Man, Wells describes a science-fiction created based on a tragic life story of Mr. Griffin. Griffin starts off as an upright scientist upholding the virtues in the society. However, several life events take place that transposes him into a perverted, eccentric scientist before eventually turning into a total psychopath. According to the Wells (58), Griffin is a character that prefers to be alone and devotes his life to carrying out chemical experiments and research on the behavior of light. Also, Wells creates another character by the name Dr. Kemp who was a former acquaintance of Mr. Griffin. The two, Griffin and Kemp, meet again after Griffin is shot and injured at his arm. While in Kemp’s house, Griffins informs Kemp of his evil actions such as burning down the boarding house and killing his father among others. In the process, he requests Dr. Kemp to join him in his quest to exploit and terrorize the country through his evil plans. However, Dr. Kemp decides to take the path to betray his old acquaintance and protect humanity. Both Mr. Griffin and Dr. Kemp have few characteristics that are similar and several others that make them different from each other. Indeed, both are scientists and were working in the same institutions; however, they had different temperaments and perception of humanity, and approach to science and research. Mr. Griffin and Dr. Kemp have different types of personalities and level of humanity. Their reactions to events in the society differ significantly as Mr. Griffin is more inclined to being evil and selfish while Kemp, on

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